Norris Yim

Broken parts, and jigsaw pieces missing in action ..

Shattered glass and burned-out heart …

What’s there left to revive out of this dead heart of hers ..

This body shell lying broken on the floor, sinking and engulfed in this agony ..

What happened, and who’s led her here?

She wished that she could roll up into a caterpillar, waiting for her time to become a butterfly and fly far away from here ..

She woke up again .. to reality

it was all nothing but a dream ..

yet she still believes, that one day she’ll grow wings and fly away, far away from here ..



Yet again another season is passing by …

Awakening a buried feeling inside our hearts..

And here I am standing all alone ..

Sending my anguish away because everything is fleeting anyways ..

Only memories linger behind, and souls remain intertwined ..

While hoping for another chance of encounter in life ..

Meeting you was destined and parting from you was bound to happen ..

Some things never last a lifetime yet makes you live a lifetime in a moment of time ..



Ineffable Thoughts

Ineffable Thoughts

We write to get to know thy self and be aware of our state of mind.